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Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria


A list of information sources and references used or cited in the Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria.

Note: These references and links are provided for further information. If you find a link is broken please email: and include in the subject line: 'Urban Design Guideline web link broken' and copy the broken link into the email text.

Department of Environment Land Water and Planning

Urban Design and Planning

Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria and other urban design information and follow the links to Urban Design Guidelines for Victoria

Victoria Planning Toolkit and follow the links to find:

  • Victoria Planning Practice and Advisory Notes: main page
  • Victoria Planning Codes and Guidelines: main page
  • A Code of Practice for Telecommunications Facilities in Victoria, July 2004
  • Ruby Town Structure Plan – a model, 2010
  • Ruby Town Structure Plan Background Report outline, 2010

Local government guidance and follow the links to Infrastructure, land and asset management to find

  • A Guide to Governing Shared Community Facilities, 2010
  • A Guide to Delivering Community Precincts, 2010

Transport design guidance

and follow the links to Transport and infrastructure, to find:

  • Public Transport Guidelines for Land Use and Development, 2008
  • Passenger Rail Infrastructure Noise Policy, 2013
  • You are here: a guide to developing pedestrian wayfinding.
  • Providing bicycle facilities as part of transport projects, 2010
  • Bicycle Parking: providing bicycle parking facilities, 2000
  • The Bicycle Parking Handbook, Bicycle Victoria, 2004

Department of Health and Human Services

Design for Everyone: A Guide to Sport and Recreation Settings

Victorian Planning Authority

Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines and follow the links to 'Precinct Structure Planning Guidelines'

Heritage Victoria

Provides a range of information, technical guides and leaflets on all aspects of caring for heritage places and objects

Public Transport Victoria

Victorian Rail Industry Operators Group (VRIOG) Standards

Client Design Requirements for Accessible Tram Stops, 2010 To request any documentation relating to this, please contact


VicTrack Rail Maintenance Guidelines, 2012 maintenance-guidelines.pdf

VicRoads and follow the links to Technical Documents Search for

  • VicRoads Design Standards, manuals, notes
  • VicRoads Supplements to Austroads Guides
  • Guidelines for public transport
  • VicRoads Traffic Engineering Manual: Volume 1
  • Cycle Notes and Extended Guidelines
  • SmartRoads Connecting Communities, July 2011
  • Transport planning handbook: A guide to integrated transport planning in growth areas, 2013

Austroads Guide to Roads Design and follow the links

Austroads 'Guide to Road Design' publications may be purchased from Austroads.

Smartroads Tool link can be found at operations/network-operations

Community Crime Prevention Victoria

Guide to Developing CCTV for Public Safety in Victoria

Australian Standards

For technical guidance on structures adjacent to rail corridors, car parking and accessways, and mailbox design refer to Standards Australia

  • AS 5100 Bridge Design


  • AS 2890 Parking Facilities
  • AS/NZS 2890.1 Parking Facilities. Part 1: Off-street Car Parking
  • AS 2890.2 Parking Facilities. Part 2: Off-street Commercial Vehicle Facilities
  • AS 2890.3 Parking Facilities. Part 3: Bicycle Parking Facilities
  • AS 2890.5 Parking facilities—On-street parking
  • AS/NZS 2890.6 Parking Facilities. Off-street parking for people with disabilities


  • AS/NZS 4253:1994 Mailboxes

Australia Post

Street posting box policy Protecting your mail


Telstra payphones services

EPA Victoria

Guidelines for environmental management: Code of practice – onsite wastewater management, 2016

Maintaining water sensitive urban design elements, 2008 Go to and search for title.

Commonwealth Government

Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002

The Disability Discrimination Act 1992 seeks to eliminate discrimination, 'as far as possible', against people with disabilities. Public transport is a service covered by the Disability Discrimination Act.

The purpose of these Standards is to enable public transport operators and providers to remove discrimination from public transport services.

Australian Building Codes Board

National Construction Code

The NCC is an initiative of the Council of Australian Governments developed to incorporate all on-site building and plumbing requirements into a single code.

The NCC is a performance based code containing all Performance Requirements for the construction of buildings and follow the links to NCC.